BMW licenses watches

As reported here by LicenseGlobal, BMW has signed a brand license for watches and smart watches.

The licensee is Fossil Group, which holds a broad portfolio of brand licenses already. A license had been with the Ball Watch company before.

The territory is worldwide.

First products are expected in 2019, the agreement runs through 2023.

Distribution will be via BMW retail channels and the retail network of Fossil.

Chris-Craft sold to Winnebago

According to this article, Winnebago Industries Inc., proprietor of the RV brand Winnebago, has acquired Chris-Craft.

The seller is Stellican Ltd., which has owned Chris-Craft since 2001, and also owns the famous boat brand Riva.

With Chris-Craft Winnebago enters into the marine industry. It sees both, RVs and boats, as part of the outdoor lifestyle market.

Winnebago wants to invest in Chris-Craft. It also wants to expand and improve the dealer network, enter into new boat categories and sizes, and extend the brand by licensing. Chris-Craft dates back to 1874. And Winnebago started licensing its own brand a few years ago.

Mini Living

Since take over and relaunch of Mini, the parent company BMW has engaged in brand extensions.

According to W+V (in German), a new property for live and work is in development under the sub label “Mini Living” in Shanghai.

Partner is the Chinese developer Nova Property Investment.

A former paint factory will be transformed into office – and residential space with apartments, shared and individual office space, as well as cultural and leisure space.

JCB outdoor paint license

JCB, best known for its heavy industrial and agricultural vehicles, has announced a brand license for outdoor paint.

The licensee is QXE Industries.

The license will start with 12 environmental resistant paint shades for a variety of outdoor uses.

The full JCB Paint range will be available in various retail outlets throughout the U.K. and internationally later.

Land Rover Smartphone

The market for smartphones is a difficult one. Proven by Blackberry giving up manufacturing and licensing its brand to TCL.

After many other brands, British automotive brand Jaguar Land Rover, currently owned by Tata Motors, launches smartphones and accessories in 2017 via license.

The licensee is Bullitt Group. Bullitt Group has been working with various brands before, among themĀ  CAT, Caterpillar, and JCB.

Goodyear licensed farm tires

Goodyear and Titan International, Inc. have entered into another brand licensing agreement for farm tires.

The territory includes Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States countries.

With the license Titan purchased certain Goodyear molds and other assets currently located in Poland, Turkey and South Africa.

This brand license expands the existing ones for North America and Latin America.

Borgward revival – again

Borgward announced its comeback, again.

At Automobilsalon in Geneva the revival of Borgward was announced. A portfolio of new Borgward cars should be introduced gradually within the next years. The first car is supposed to be shown at IAA in Frankfurt.

The list of former German car brands is long:

The number of successful revivals is low. Bugatti was revived by Volkswagen. Whether this is economically successful can be questioned, similar to the Phaeton. Mini Cooper cars were still on the streets, when BMW launched the new model. Maybach was a failure.

All car barnds are fighting a shrinking number of new drivers and the decreasing importance of automobiles in general. A shrinking market and sinking importance of cars as a prestige product are not a great environment for brand revivals.