PepsiCo mit mehr Energy

Laut Reuters, übernimmt Pepsico, bekannt für Pepsi und Dutzende weitere nicht alkoholische Getränkemarken, Rockstar Energy Drink.

Der Platzhirsch, Coca Cola, besitzt Monster Energy Drink, hatte mal in den 2000ern Burn Energy Drink, und brachte nun jüngst unter Coca Cola Energy Drinks auf den Markt.

Gegründet wurde die Kategorie von Red Bull, die Nr. 3. im Getränkemarkt. Neben Varietäten und saisonalen Geschmacks-Experimenten brachte Red Bull zuletzt auch Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale und Tonic Wasser auf den Markt.


Pepsi Pops Into Women’s Apparel

According to WWD, the beverage brand is launching the Pepsi Clothing women’s line for spring, following a fall 2006 men’s launch. The women’s line will add a juniors bent to the urban angle of the men’s collection, which capitalizes on Pepsi’s music ties and is sold exclusively in urban specialty stores.

The women’s lineup includes active wear, denim, tops and outerwear, wholesaling from about $12 to $50.
A decade ago, Pepsi created Pepsi Stuff, a line of T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets and other items, promoted with TV commercials featuring Cindy Crawford and Shaquille O’Neal.

Both the women’s and men’s lines are designed by Christopher “MC Handz” Rogers. The men’s line is already in 200 doors, and women’s could be in up to 1,000 within a year, capitalizing on many of the men’s stores while adding junior specialty stores and department stores. It’s also sold at

From functional water to skin care?

According to an article at Brandweek here, the PepsiCo water division – via licensing – enters the cosmetic category to boost its brand, Aquafina.
The move helps extend the Aquafina brand name from the beverage aisle to the cosmetics aisle.
Both categories, drinks and cosmetics, are highly competitive.

A few years ago, Kneipp went the other way around.
Known for its healthy water treatments and exceptional body care products, Kneipp extended its brand into the functional water category.

So far the extension with five SKUs has been successful. It even pushed category leader Nestle from the shelves in some retail channels.

Heinz named UK’s ‘most desired’ brand by shoppers

Heinz Baked Beanz has been named ‘the most desired brand’ in the UK, according to a new survey, as big brands score well.

Carried out by academics at the University of Bath and integrated agency Geronimo, those surveyed were ask to name their preferred brands and rank their level of disappointment, if they were not available when shopping.

According to Geronimo, the aim was not to chart the products that sell the most, but those that consumers feel most passionately about.

Other Heinz products also did well in the survey, with its tinned soup range being named the second most desirable product and its tomato ketchup coming in at eighth place.

The third place brand was Fairy washing-up liquid, followed by Kellogg’s cereal range in fourth, Nescafe coffee in fifth and Colgate toothpaste in sixth.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of seventh-placed Walker’s Crisps, Robinson’s squash in ninth and Andrex toilet paper in 10th place.

Bigger name brand such as Coca-Cola missed out on a top 10 placing, with the drinks brand ranked at 11th. Cadbury chocolate bars were ranked 20th and Hovis reached number 29.

Geronimo managing partner Andy Snuggs said: “From various data already available any marketer will know which FMCG brands sell the most. With this research, we have found out which grocery brands consumers feel closest to and feel most passionately about.”

Out of the 100 brands charted around half are owned by just five firms Unilever, P&G, Heinz, PepsiCo and Tesco, which had eight of its own-label brands such as its cheese included in the survey.

  1. Heinz Baked Beans (49.5%)
  2. Heinz tinned soup (42.2%)
  3. Fairy washing up liquid (40.5%)
  4. Kellogg’s Cereal (34.2%)
  5. Nescafe coffee (33.3%)
  6. Colgate toothpaste (32.6%)
  7. Walker’s crisps and snacks (30.9%)
  8. Heinz tomato ketchup (29.4%)
  9. Robinson’s squash (25.0%)
  10. Andrex Toilet paper (23.4%)